Commision Work

Bringing Your Sentimental Furniture Into Your Current Style

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Wooden Stairs

Do you have a piece of furniture that maybe you have had for years?
Do you have furniture that has been passed onto you from a member of the family?
Do you have a piece of furniture that you have stored but dont want to use because it doesnt fit in?

Hanging Lamps

Have you changed your interior decor and it no longer fits in?
Maybe want a completely different colour?
Maybe want a different style?

Kitchen Interior

Whatever your desire we can do this for you.
Rework existing pieces by hand with quality products and paints.
Source and rework a piece that you like.
At Owlstone Barn, we believe every piece of furniture has a story and we want to help you continue that story on.......


We have chosen Craig & Rose Paint because of a number of exciting features

*The paint finish is durable and luxurious
*Featuring 110 colours
*Colours created from historical periods
*Including Art Deco, Victorian and Renaissance

You are welcome to view the full Craig & Rose colour range at our workshop.